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15-Apr-2017 02:44

Other names include the Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman and the Royals’ Danny Duffy, although nobody should read too much into such mentions.If a starter is young and talented, chances are good the Phillies have inquired as to his availability.Among potential targets they have investigated is Rays ace Chris Archer.

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Kroeger recommended The Calling's Alex Band, another Arista artist, as a replacement for re-recording the single.The free agent market for the better starters is expensive in its own way.” As such, he continued, “we just have to make sure that we find the right balance, find the right fit.But we would still like to add a starter if possible.” The Phillies have spent plenty of time this winter doing their due diligence on a host of starters whom they believe could be fits in a rotation that last season featured budding star Aaron Nola and little else.The album Ultimate Santana was released in October.

Besides working with Santana, Kroeger also recorded with Travis Tritt on his album The Storm, where Tritt did a cover of Nickelback's "Should've Listened" track from The Long Road.

The bigger bombshell, however, didn't get nearly as much attention."Pretty much, I was engaged to Carlos Santana.