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When Wilson was eight, he visited London and a much-reproduced photograph was taken of him standing on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street.

At age ten he went with his family to Australia, where he became fascinated with the pomp and glamour of politics.

For much of this time, he was a research assistant to William Beveridge, the Master of University College, Oxford, working on the issues of unemployment and the trade cycle.

In December 1930, his father, working as an industrial chemist, was made redundant and it took him nearly two years to find work.He moved to Spital on the Wirral, Cheshire in order to do so.Wilson was educated in the Sixth Form at the Wirral Grammar School for Boys, where he became Head Boy. He graduated in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) with "an outstanding first class Bachelor of Arts degree, with alphas on every paper" in the final examinations, and a series of major academic awards.After Heath's talks with the Liberals broke down, Wilson returned to power as leader of a minority government until there was a second general election in the autumn, which resulted in a narrow Labour victory.

A period of economic crisis was now beginning to hit most Western countries, and in 1976 Wilson suddenly announced his resignation as Prime Minister.He lost his energy and drive in his second government, and accomplished little as the leadership split over Europe and trade union issues began tearing Labour apart.Wilson was born at 4 Warneford Road, Huddersfield, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, on 11 March 1916.However, in keeping with the mood of the 1960s his government sponsored liberal changes in a number of social areas; they were generally not his initiatives.