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We propose a redefinition of the “carrier” state as a dynamic state described by a probability function of persistence rather than an absolute binary state defined by an arbitrary 28 day cut off.We also develop a set of predictive models to use cheap non-structural protein ELISA tests to help target high risk animals in the field.The circle then reports the probang status of the herd (solid circle if ≥1 were Pb P) and is plotted on the y axis against the time in years since the last reported outbreak by the herdsman.The main variables of interest, for which data were available, were animal age, months since last reported outbreak and the number of previous serotypes that the animal had been exposed to.1) and supporting the view that transmission from “carriers” is a rare event.

The duration of this “carrier” state has been reported to last for varying periods for different species.Here we report the probability of recovering FMD virus in individual animals from a detailed cross sectional epidemiological study of FMD in Cameroon where infection with serotypes A, O and SAT2 is endemic.We focus on the duration of viral persistence and the animal-level factors associated with it.In general as the months since the last reported outbreak get greater, increasing numbers of seronegative juvenile animals (blue) were observed consistent with what might be expected.

There were a couple of Pb P animals from herds reporting outbreaks more than 12 months ago but these herds have few seropositive animals based on the NSP test again suggesting absence of virus circulation.These are widely quoted as up to 9 months in small ruminants, 3.5 years in cattle and 5 years in Cape buffalo.There are reports of transmission from “carriers” to susceptible animals. Some of the earliest anecdotal evidence comes from Australia in 1871–72, where the last outbreaks there may have been due to imported “carrier” from the United Kingdom (quoted by Hedger in Africa, although transmission from sub-clinical acute cases or indirectly from people cannot be ruled out.Using historic data from 1,107 cattle, collected as part of a population based study of endemic FMD in 2000, we developed a mixed effects logistic regression model to predict the probability of recovering viable FMDV by probang and culture, conditional on the animal’s age and time since last reported outbreak.

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