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Modding, however, can also have several benefits, and one of these is the power to expand the developer’s vision or make a political statement.Last year a father swapped Mario and Pauline in Donkey Kong so that his daughter could play as a female protagonist.In the Grand Theft Auto games, protagonists navigate a criminal underworld.The virtual world is open, with players able to perform an almost endless variety of behaviours.Mods can bestow aiming assistance, unlimited ammunition, or the ability to see through walls.

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Or are they just harmless fun in which nobody really gets hurt?It will be interesting to see how the responses of both male and female gamers unfold over the coming weeks.For now, Rockstar is not commenting on what cannot be anything other than a disturbing and unwelcome development.This endless debate usually concerns violent games; so much so that many are now inured to the discussion.

But a disturbing hack involving sexual assault in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) threatens to achieve the impossible: swaying the opinion of gamers themselves.More to the point, can it teach gamers anything at all?Discussions about rapists’ motivations often polarise between sex and power.From time to time, arguments surface, usually to great controversy, that rapists motivations are also, or even mostly, about sex.

The amazing virtual world where you can become the person you always wanted to be! Browse thousands of clothing items from amazing fashionable brands to create your perfect look. Explore incredible locations and chat with millions of players from all around the world! Hang out in your customisable apartment where.… continue reading »

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Nov 10, 2016. Meanwhile, hundreds of developers are making VR games and apps, film-makers are exploring the potential for documentaries and animation, and Facebook. The Vive has some unique features, including a front-facing camera which, in certain apps, can bring the real world into your virtual environments.… continue reading »

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Rescuers Carefully Approaching A Potentially Violent Pit Bull. Meet The Massive Dog Breed So Huge They Were Actually Used To Hunt. Read more from Honest To Paws. How Bunny Slippers Can Help You Lose Weight Really! Could Your Sex Life Be Messing With Your Workouts? 8 Ways a Dog Will Change Your Life.… continue reading »

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From cyberbullying to online predators to hidden costs, there are many concerns when it comes to playing video games online. The most important thing a parent. The end result may be inappropriate messages, webcam chats or even face-to-face meetings that could lead to sexual exploitation. According to Internet Safety.… continue reading »

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