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01-Aug-2017 04:53

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That’s what John means by loving “in word and tongue.” It’s not real. Or perhaps there is a reason for it: “Let us not think of love as actions of instruments like tongues and the sounds they make (words). But all that encouragement dies when you don’t show up. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John ). In fact, even though the most dramatic and decisive expression of love may be the deep sacrifices we make for those we love, two things remain true.

Let us rather think of love as a reality that is happening muscle actions, but is never identical with such instruments. But even more important than the grammar is the surprising contrast between “tongue” and “truth.” “Little children, let us not love by word or .” We might have expected something like “not by tongue but by hand.” The simplest lesson to draw from this is: Don’t make loving promises with your tongue that don’t come true in reality. Speaking the truth to someone, whether they like it or not, is a great gift. Which means that when the tongue and its sounds (words) are “in truth” they become acts of love. One is that there are sacrifices which have ulterior motives and are not real love (“Though I give my body to be burned .

In these ways he’s reaching out in faith (trust and confidence) for God’s comfort and guidance.

The Psalmist’s therapeutic process also helps him and us discover the reasons why we struggle with emotions like anger and to take steps to resolve related problems.

“Little children, let us not love in word or tongue but in deed and in truth.” It seems to me that we have practical and biblical reasons for saying that the muscle of the tongue is more frequently the instrument of true love than any other muscle of the body.

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