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If we already have a functioning VCS fabric and just want to add the overlay-gateway function to it, we may already have needed IP routing set up and in place.

In this case, configuring new Loopback interfaces on rbridges that will participate in overlay-gateway, and handling their reachibility through already-configured routing protocols (or static routes) should be fine.

If on other hand we’re setting up a new VCS fabric just to do the HW VTEP, we will need to configure its non-Management IP connectivity (for example, default-vrf) in any case, and then piggy-back VTEP configuration on it.

To do so, we could: interface Vlan 150 name HW_VTEP !

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HW VTEP requires connectivity to two separate, independent IP domains: Management and VTEP.Loopbacks are simpler from the configuration standpoint, and do not require a dynamic protocol, such as VRRP-E, to function.They are also simpler to script configuration for, since we’re using the same IP address on all rbridges.On other hand, we still need to configure IP routing within our VCS fabric.