Updating olap dimensions

12-Jul-2017 12:23

updating olap dimensions-36

error code 800b0100 while updating

In a Snapshot fact, records could be updated in place or deleted and replaced by a new fact record.

Typical challenges for the SSIS package that does the re-determination of the surrogate key are Few tips to tackle the above challenges and optimize the ETL for Late Arriving Dimensions are discussed below Since the unknown surrogate key is well-defined subset of data, use Filtered Index to fetch fact records that have unknown SK. CLIENT_SK=-1 The use of staging tables facilitates batch updates instead of row-by-row updates.Filtered Index is smaller in size and has accurate statistics resulting in better query plan and significant improvement in query response time. Structure the source query of the SSIS dataflow to use the Filtered Index. These optimizations would keep ETL for Late Arriving Dimensions in good shape.Fact tables usually do not store the Natural Key of the dimension. SSAS provides Process Incremental as one of the processing options for cubes, measure groups and partitions.