Updating intellisense

16-Jan-2018 04:23

After the build successfully completes, your code will be launched on the remote machine, and you will hit the break point you set earlier.

Let’s look at the Project Properties to understand where things got deployed on the remote Linux machine.

Additionally, you will see that this project was configured as an application, thus your executable is under bin/x64/Debug/ as Console Application1

You can see how the output and intermediate directories were configured here as well.Read on for how to get started with Linux C projects.Today Visual Studio only supports building remotely on the Linux target machine.After creating your project from that template set a break point on the printf statement, then select the menu item Debug, Start Debugging (F5) or the Remote GDB Debugger button on the menu bar.

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If is your first time targeting a Linux machine you will be prompted for connection information. We support both password and certificate based authentication, including the use of passphrases with certificates.

The Linux workload has a console window tailored for interacting with your remote executables.

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