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26-Dec-2017 08:38

# If you added new fields and were okay with the default values, you # would not need to do this.picture.num_votes = 1 picture.avg_rating = 5 to_put.append(picture) # Save the updated entities.'.format( num_updated))class Update Schema Handler(webapp2. Request Handler): """Queues a task to start updating the model schema.""" def post(self): deferred.defer(update_schema_task) self.response.write(""" Schema update started. - deferred: on handlers: - url: /.* script: libraries: - name: webapp2 version: "2.5.2" - name: jinja2 version: "2.6" handler using your favorite web browser.

Updating the model is fairly easy, we just add two new properties: class Picture(ndb. Note that existing entries will not be automatically modified, a read-write of the entity is required before the new properties will be persisted to Datastore.

I would suggest that you start with these, and should you run into issues, start tweaking or looking elsewhere.

We are closed and we do not have over 3,000 members like the stats are showing for those people now wanting to join or using bots to join communities with large numbers of people.

Datastore doesn't require all entities to have the same set of properties.

After updating your models to add new properties, existing entities will continue to exist without these properties. Here is my code to retrieve value and showing on google map protected void on Create(Bundle saved Instance State) { Create(saved Instance State); Log.d("MAP","Coming inside on on Create()"); m Test Pin Record Handler = new Test Pin Record Handler(get Application Context()); m Logger = new Logger(); set Content View(R.layout.activity_map_sample); try catch(Exception e) String l Previous Zoom Level String = Setting(get Application Context(), "MAPZOOMLEVEL"); if(l Previous Zoom Level String == null