Updating driving licence photo post office

05-Nov-2017 15:14

Should they intend to use it as a form of identification for other things such as hiring a car or an internal flight, for example, having an out of date photograph could cause problems or delays.”If the photo on your driving licence no longer resembles you – for example because it is very much out of date, you have dramatically changed the style of your hair or added/removed a beard, then you need to think about changing it anyway.Otherwise, you need to look at the renewal date on your licence.You will need to: If your name has changed you will not be able to apply online.You can apply to renew the photo on your driving licence at a selected Post Office.The Imaging Alliance represents the industry and said the new rule could come at the cost of some 6,000 photobooths throughout the UK.It has also prompted questions over whether this will become a security threat, as the whole passport application process can now be submitted online.Before this new rule, UK passport applications required two photo prints to be posted in.

Research from travel insurance specialist Columbus Direct found one in nine people, which is the equivalent to 5.7 million people, have experienced issues over the last three years as a result of not leaving enough time to renew their passport.

You’ll need to: If you have changed your name, you’ll also need to provide identity documents as proof.