Technology and dating violence

19-Jan-2017 09:14

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Staff were trained to identify surveys that appeared to be not taken seriously and were brought to the project director to verify that the survey should not be entered.Also, surveys were checked if the respondent answered the most severe frequency option to all abuse (victimization and perpetration) and risk behaviors.

The goal of the project was to expand knowledge about the types of abuse experiences youth have, the extent of victimization and perpetration via technology and new media (e.g., social networking sites, texting on cellular phones), and how the experience of such cyber abuse within teen dating relationships or through bullying relates to other life factors.The survey questions asked youth about their demographic backgrounds; technology use; experiences with dating relationships, including violence and abuse; experiences with bullying; other risky behaviors (e.g., sexual activity, substance use); psychosocial adjustment (e.g., depression, anger/hostility); family relationships; and school experiences.The surveys were conducted in classrooms and administered by school staff trained by the research team, with the New York and Pennsylvania schools surveyed in October and November 2011, and the New Jersey schools surveyed in April 2012.Females were twice as likely as males to report being a victim of sexual cyber dating abuse in the prior year.

This study explores the role of technology in teen dating violence and abuse and teen bullying. The researchers surveyed 5,647 youth-more than any previous analysis.… continue reading »

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