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23-Oct-2017 08:54

Apart from being a whole lot of fun, you will be working out and keeping yourself fit.

Be prepared For all their glitzy lifestyle and public adulation, professional swimmers have to work hard.

Look for hot guys and girls who are on the swimming teams of your own school and college but if you are really ambitious you can go about exploring your chances of getting to know the pros in your city or state.

Swim meets are hosted in almost all major cities on various levels of competition and these could be great places to meet established or budding swimmers.

Above all, the virtually bare bodies of the male swimmers and the sexy costumes of the female swimmers make them a group that is highly coveted as dating partners.

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Where you can meet them Since swimming is one of the most popular sports, there are any number of venues where you can come across swimmers.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle More importantly being with a swimmer might just be the thing you need to start on a healthy lifestyle.

If you are with a serious swimmer – whether he/she is a pro or not – you will find that your partner will be rather particular about what he/she eats and drinks.

However competitive swimmers are likely to be entirely focused on their performance at these venues and may not be in the mood for chit-chat – so wait till the race is over and then maybe you can catch them hanging out in the cafeteria or hotel lounge.

TIP: Visit to browse photo profiles of single men and women including those of swimmers.

A far more effective venue for getting to know swimmers would be the pool.

Oct 8, 2016. There's no doubt you should want to date your local competitive swimmer. They are in great shape, they aren't afraid to get naked, and they look great in a swim suit. But then again, there are the early bedtimes for am swim practices, the growing… continue reading »

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You're tall. For the most part. Swimmers at the top levels of the sport are inordinately tall. As an example, the average height of male 100m freestyle world record holders is 6'4” dating back to 1976, with the United States' Rowdy Gaines being the shortest amongst the group at 6'1”. Which is also how tall Missy Franklin and.… continue reading »

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That body though. Swimmers are fit. Real fit. Heck, we even have a body type named after us swimmer's body, woopwoop. And although she doesn't work out for your pleasure, you get to reap the benefits of dating someone who devotes a substantial part of their life to building the ultimate body. Even if that means.… continue reading »

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