Some young people believe that internet dating

24-Oct-2017 15:22

Digital dating services have helped millions of people worldwide find intimacy and romance.For the most part, meeting strangers online is no longer viewed as taboo.Rhode Island health officials also say the number of newly diagnosed HIV patients went up 33 percent, and gonorrhea increased by 30 percent in the same year.Keep up with this story and more Though the state’s health department didn’t release information on the demographics of those diagnosed in that time period, the agency did note in its statement that gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men are at highest risk for contracting STDs.

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Between 20, the number of people diagnosed in the state with syphilis increased by 79 percent.

While Mustanski doesn’t see a direct correlation between risky sexual behavior and online dating, he does believe the dating companies should support larger public health efforts in small ways.