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13-Aug-2017 06:44

In an effort to reduce HIV/STI risk-behaviors, future studies should investigate the feasibility of modifying personal, psychosocial and structural factors associated with the use of risky sexual venues where HIV-positive methamphetamine users engage in sexual activity when "high" on methamphetamine.

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Thematic analysis revealed three broad categories of participants according to sexual venues used during the past two months.

For purposes of analysis, respondents were classified according to their preference of sexual venue: private (e.g., home), commercial (e.g., bathhouse), or public (e.g., public park or restroom).

The commercial venue group was younger, better educated, more likely to identify as gay, and significantly more likely to have used "club drugs" as compared to the other two groups.

The study was approved by the Human Research Protections Program at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD IRB #050417), and all participants provided informed consent.

Data were taken from the baseline interview, which covered a range of topics including methamphetamine use patterns, use of alcohol and other substances, sexual risk practices with HIV-negative and serostatus-unknown partners, HIV-related attitudes, sexual communication skills, disclosure behaviors, and social-cognitive factors.

In recent years, researchers have studied the complex array of factors that affect HIV risk behaviors in this population.

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