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While this wasn't endless agony, Brackensick seemed to endlessly struggle reaching the right notes of a very difficult song. She said that Brackensick could sing anything, but that this wasn't the right song. Jackson called it "boring." The problem young people like Brackensick, 17 - and next contestant 16-year-old Shannon Magrane - have is similar to that of young figure skaters.Even when they can perform the elements, they don't have the maturity to offer subtleties of interpretation.She chose Gloria Estefan's "Turn the Beat Around." In rehearsal, Will.i. The song and her voice, however, didn't enjoy a swaggernautical relationship.Am, accompanying a peculiarly relaxed Jimmy Iovine, called her "a swaggernaut." This refers to her astonishing ease, one that wouldn't be expected from a 16-year-old. "You can't stray too far from what you sing the best, which is ballads," offered Steven Tyler, unhelpfully.Lo's hugmonster), and De Andre Brackensick (Steven Tyler's 17-year-old spirit animal).Full Story at CNN Entertainment Get more "Extra" Scoop headlines for Friday, March 2!

Suddenly, she changed it up to rough and raucous, as if her life depended on staying together. Testone marched across the stage and gave it her very loud all.

One can only imagine that any baby made during that performance will turn out to be a very spry and active child. It was beautiful," offered Lopez, who showed no signs of wanting to make babies with either of fellow judges.

Deandre Brackensick was talked into "Endless Love" by Iovine.

After so much well-intentioned mimicry, it was refreshing to see someone not only attempting originality, but delivering it with such joy and such a lack of pandering to the average. "And also I think you look pretty when you sing." (As an entirely irrelevant aside, Lopez is currently dating a much younger man.) Tyler, oddly, declared this "the wrong song for your voice and your passion." Will.offered this passionate warning about Erika Van Pelt: "She's gonna go home if she doesn't execute." There are surely better candidates for someone to go home (if anyone does, after Jones' ouster).

"I think you're too busy all over it," said Tyler of Van Pelt's version of Bryan Adams' "Heaven." The other judges disagreed."That was not an easy undertaking," began Lopez before declaring it beautiful.Please declare yourself if you're familiar with "Broken Heart" by White Lion. But Colton Dixon was going to sing it and intended to rock it. "I feel like you've had broken hearts," explained Lopez.However, how many of the remaining contestants, asked to sing compositions from their birth year, would be charged with breaking the laws of music? Jessica Sanchez doesn't want to get caught in the Pia Toscano ballad-trap.