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During sex, we play with the boundaries of our mind.And, fantasizing during sex is a sign that we have a healthy and fulfilling sense of our sexuality, according to research conducted by the Kinsey Institute For me, my mind during sex is focused on the eroticism of my experience — it's my most cherished erogenous zone. TIP: SHARE it with your friends, order together and save on shipping. Delivery is estimated to be within 3 to 7 working days after the campaign is printed. love-and-sex17 Each product will be printed and shipped after the campaign end date ( 4 February).I close my eyes and allow myself to become in touch with my imagination in order to arouse my mind, body, and soul.I feel lost in the beautiful experience I'm sharing with a partner and I think of our synchronicity and how I can bring us closer. I feel in tune with their body — their smell, their touch, their kisses, their heartbeat. I think of how my partner is experiencing pleasure in the moments that we are sharing and how I can satisfy them.


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It has happened to me this pregnancy too, but like the above post stated "it is usually due to a friable cervix (due to increased vascular blood flow to your cervix), I am I have noticed mild bleeding with my patients when I do a Pap exam, especially if they are pregnant because of this. I see a high risk doc who is VERY detailed on everything so if he’s not concerned I’m not going to get concerned. Your doc is paid to worry about you so if he/she isn't you should try to keep the normalcy of your situation in mind and calm your nerves- easier said than done, I know. Never said how long it should last, though..has never happened after sex before. If you aren't filling pads then you are most likely just fine. Delivery is estimated to be within 8 to 12 working days after the campaign is printed.

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I know its easier said than done though- but try to relax and just enjoy little one growing inside you. Don't worry about it honestly, stressing is worse on you than what this is. we kinda got to the point to where we stopped having sex because of it.