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This shows that, as a profession, the priesthood has lost its direction and has become a real danger to the community.

The scale of this travesty is so great that only the highest level enquiry will get to the bottom of it.

We ask you, the reader, to follow up this research with your own, and to discuss the problem with your family and friends.

Above all else, find out whats happening in your own community.

It is well known that child sexual abuse destroys many lives in this country, and around the world, but when that abuse leads to the death of a public hero, in later life, everyone sits up and takes notice.

Sadly, for Peter Jackson -- the rugby league star known to fans as the happy-go-lucky clown prince of the league -- he was never able to overcome the aftermath of the sexual abuse he experienced as a schoolboy at the Southport School on the Gold Coast in 19.

Only then can you decide what to think about the sensitive and controversial issues of paedophile priests, the moral hypocrisy their actions engineer and the countless victims whose lives they destroy.

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Nearly 450 individual child sexual assaults by church clergy are referenced in this publication as having been dealt with by Australian courts in the short space of 10 years.No-one wants to talk about these crimes because, for many of us, they are too horrific to believe and the gap from trusted spiritual leader to paedophile is just too difficult for many to traverse. But these cases of child sex abuse, perpetrated by religious leaders, must be faced -- no matter how difficult that may be -- if we, as a society, are to reduce their number or, better yet, eradicate them altogether.From the research contained in this book, it is clear that a significant number of child sex abuse cases do involve clergy and church officials, though a far greater number of cases occur than are ever reported.Jackson was a brilliant sportsman, well liked by colleagues, fans and the media, but his tragic demise is just one example of what happens to many of the victims of child sexual abuse perpetrated by church and clergy officials every year.