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The Barons became our camouflage for all kinds of petty theft.” Towards the end of high school, he experimented with drugs like marijuana and hashish.

He also started drag racing cars, and once crashed a coupe while drivng 90 miles per hour.

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Later he was arrested for driving in an automobile that had stolen jewelry in the trunk.Redford confirms, “It’s true, ridiculous, but true.”Breakdown, Florentine Style Later while he was living in Florence, Italy, painting, smoking, and studying art, Redford suffered something of a nervous breakdown.He and his traveling companion split up before he arrived in Florence and he had very little contact with anyone while he was there.The thousands of documents, which Ellsberg had stolen, revealed that the government purposely lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to accelerate the Vietnam War.

Feb 22, 2011. Last March, we got a glimpse into Erin Callan's post-Lehman life. It included living in East Hampton in the house she bought for $3.9 million in 2005, dating firefighter Anthony Montella, who she met in high school at St. Francis Prep, taking spin classes at Ride the Zone, where her instructor said she's “the.… continue reading »

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Ambiguity, Power, and Gender Roles in the Young Adult Dating Scene by. Ellyn Arevalo Steidl, B. A. Thesis. Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of. The University of Texas at Austin in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of. Master of Arts. The University of Texas at Austin. December 2013.… continue reading »

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