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23-Nov-2017 04:37

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But his new fresh face doesn't bear much of a resemblance to the first one he had as a young man. magazine Star called on the opinion of a surgeon who said Everett looked 'ten years younger'.

Even in 1987, when starring in Hearts of Fire with Bob Dylan, he had his trademark wrinkled forehead. One website lamented the star's 'terrible face-lift' while another asked if he is 'preparing to star in House of Wax 2'. 'He's a beautiful man and he even plays a woman beautifully. He hasn't had anything done and he doesn't need it.' Everett, who revealed that he was gay in 1989, is currently starring on Broadway in Blithe Spirit.

However, a spokesman for the star said suggestions he had undergone any cosmetic surgery were 'laughable'. He has also made a documentary for Channel 4 on Lord Byron's travels around Europe.

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