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Aristotle unequivocally recorded Thales's hypothesis on the nature of matter, and proffered a number of conjectures based on observation in favour of Thales's declaration ( 983 b20-28).

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Thales would have been familiar with Homer's acknowledgements of divine progenitors but he never attributed organization or control of the cosmos to the gods.

Miletus stood on the Gulf of Lade through which the Maeander river emptied its waters.

Within living memory, older Milesians had witnessed the island of Lade increasing in size within the Gulf, and the river banks encroaching into the river to such an extent that at Priene, across the gulf from Miletus the warehouses had to be rebuilt closer to the water's edge.

Thales' hypotheses were new and bold, and in freeing phenomena from godly intervention, he paved the way towards scientific endeavor.

He founded the Milesian school of natural philosophy, developed the scientific method, and initiated the first western enlightenment.

He declared: 'Besides this, another reason for the supposition would be that the semina of all things have a moist nature . The understanding that water could generate into earth is basic to Thales's watery thesis.

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