Role playing chatbot

22-Oct-2017 16:14

She pulled out the clothing pieces she required and dressed in them, sliding her pettycoat on, then went to her closet to retrieve a dark, Gothic styled lolita dress.

She slid it on over her head, shimmying into it, then laced the back with ease due to her easily extendable arms.

"Mai-san, take these to that table." He indicated a table at the very edge of the cafe where a man, face hidden by a hoodie, sat staring down at the empty table.

They have a live demonstration of their android maids in their own maidcafe.

The androids arent flawless but malfunctions can be easily repaired.

But the company can even take care of harder problems.

^^Kurobot corporation building: The two story building has multiple workshops and offices on the upper floor while the lobby and cafe are on the ground floor. You can be a client or a friend of the company too.

The Kurobot Corporation is a small company with few employees but is known for its revolutionary robot technology. People want artificial lovers, maids, guards, android kids, workers etc.

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