Richard gere dating history

06-Nov-2017 10:10

And while Gere himself has neither confirmed nor denied it — indeed, he has rarely spoken of it at all — neither have credible witnesses come forward in the twenty-some-odd years this story has been circulating to offer firsthand testimony to back it up."I've never worked harder on a story in my life," after spending months trying to verify the rumor in 1995.

He came away convinced he'd been chasing an urban legend.

Everyone I've questioned who reported having heard the story offers some variation of the the above: "I know someone who knows someone who was working in that hospital when it happened."Based on how frequently that claim has been made, I calculate there must have been no fewer than a hundred thousand people on staff at "that hospital" (Cedars Sinai) that night. Update: In 2006, actor Sylvester Stallone publicly stated that he believes Richard Gere blames him personally for starting the rumor.

Or was Stallone slyly trying to take credit for it? Celebrity urban legends:• Did Jennifer Lopez Insure Her Butt?

The pair separated after 11 years of being married and seven years of dating, because of their lifestyle differences and have made plans to get divorced.

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Her friend swears she was there at Cedar Cyni (someone help me with the spelling) in Los Angeles when it happened. For those of you still sitting in the dark, here's a definition: ) is the practice, most often attributed to gay men, of inserting a live rodent into one's rectum (or that of a partner) for erotic pleasure. In reality, it's not a "practice" of any group of people, gay or otherwise.Some say Gere was alone when he arrived, others say he was accompanied by a friend (former love interest Cindy Crawford tops the list).Or should I say, a lot of your worst suspicions about human nature are confirmed, time and time again. We're obsessed with it, in fact, and that seems to short-circuit our capacity for rational thought. The burden of proof is on those who claim otherwise.