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14-Jan-2018 10:18

She said:'At first they said I was too young for a new knee, so I had to have alternative treatments, but that didn't help me.' Doctors decided Mrs Brown would benefit from a metal knee replacement, and this was shortly followed by her left shoulder being replaced with a metal joint too.

Pain free: Mrs Brown also had her right hip replaced Mrs Brown's operations began in the late 1980s after rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed in the fingers of her left hand.

'The specialists at the hospital were really surprised I'd been put on tablets for depression - I've never been depressed in my life,' she said.

Mrs Brown has had at least a dozen major operations and countless surgical procedures over the last 20 years to have joints replaced in the shoulder, elbow, hip and knees.

You can ask around, there isn’t any man alive that doesn’t love a Brazilian girl.Just before 2000, she started experiencing pain again, and this time it was her right shoulder joint which needed replacing. Of course it wasn't a case of just resetting my bones back together, that would have been too simple.' Unfortunately, Mrs Brown contracted septicaemia, and her metal shoulder had to be removed.Her medical problems took a twist when fell from a ladder while cleaning in 2003 - breaking the metal joint in her left shoulder and the bone in her upper arm. The infection spread down the left arm, so the upper bone also had to be taken out and instead filled with a special type of padding.She said: 'Most people are stuck in bed for about two weeks after they've had a new hip, but I was walking after three days.' Mrs Brown's most recent operation in April left her with a new type of replacement knee made mainly out of plastic.

She has also been diagnosed with arthritis in her neck, and osteoporosis in the bottom of her spine.

'I have my good days and bad, but you've got to stay positive and never give up.'Scroll down for more ...

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