Preacher dating

03-Jan-2017 08:03

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He is only a couple of years older than me, so honestly, if he wasn't my youth pastor, it wouldn't be that weird.

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I know you are young, but whether you know it or not you truly are more of an “elder” in your youth group, and the younger members are looking to you as an example for holy living.

That means you are charged with living above reproach.Or will their focus be diverted to your relationship and will they start seeing the youth pastor in more of a predatory-possibly-creepy light (even though you are of legal age, I understand) instead of as a trusted mentor and shepherd? Let’s also see what Scripture has to say: SEE ALSO: How Should I Spend My Money?That means if the “appearance” of what you are doing (even if it is on the up and up) would lead someone to think there is something “evil” going on and could be offensive to them, then you need to do your best to steer clear of it.It's easy and free, and as you gain the confidence you can follow it up with a message. Our dedicated, award-winning support team are only a quick email away should you need help.