Ora 01722 invalid number updating date

21-Jul-2017 04:16

So I found an workaround: Using original export and import clients (exp and imp)!!!

Few days later there was a new Action Plan in the service request, i tested it and recognized: MY PROBLEM IS FIXED 🙂 In the following are the steps to get the Package valid again!

There error comes as either implicitly or explicitly the attempted conversion of a character string to a number failed because the character string was not a valid numeric literal.

Only numeric fields or character fields containing numeric data may be used in arithmetic functions or expressions.

If you get the following errors in your database you know your database is affected through the bug: ORA-00240: control file enqueue held for more than 120 seconds ORA-15064: communication failure with ASM instance Bug: Bug 13914613- Excessive time holding shared pool latch in kghfrunp with auto memory management (Doc ID: 13914613.8) Affected Versions: Check MOS Doc ID 13914613.8 for more details and the versions affected by this Bug, and the versions the fix will be in place.

Workaround: You can use the simple workaround of setting the following underscore parameter to the database instance (instance needs to be restarted): SQL alter system set “_enable_shared_pool_durations”=FALSE scope=spfile; This Bug can be fixed by updating your Oracle Database to or fix Bug 13914613! Benedikt Hello guys, in a internal development database i found a crazy problem.

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Fill Load Data Row(Schema Mapping mapping) at System. Only numeric fields may be added to or subtracted from dates. Fix the character strings in the function or expression.Oracle tried to convert a value to a number and found an illegal value. Check that they contain only numbers, a sign, a decimal point, and the character "E" or "e" and retry the operation. Type----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------A NUMBERAs a is number data type and 'd' can't be converted to number , hence error arises. I got the error: Job “SYSTEM”.”SYS_EXPORT_SCHEMA_01″ stopped due to fatal Error select status, object_id, object_type, owner

This may occur while inserting/updating in number field is SQL. ORA-01722. SQL select to_number'abc' from dual; select to_number'abc' from dual * ERROR at line 1 ORA-01722 invalid number. select distinct number from tablename where dates=to_dateto_char'03-jul-13','dd-mon-yy','dd-mm-yy hh24miss'.… continue reading »

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