Online dating guys disappear

17-Mar-2017 07:31

And that she has had to cancel appointments with me because of her super-packed schedule.And in that moment, it hit her like a ton of bricks, that despite her intelligence, kindness, and self-awareness, she was a complete and utter hypocrite. We’re all hypocrites in that we expect people to treat us better than we treat them.Below is a question I received from a reader recently: Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement!I have a question and maybe I know the answer but sometimes it’s helpful to hear it from others.Generally speaking, I'd say that guys acting interested and then disappearing is no different than women acting interested and then disappearing, with one major exception.And that's the default stance of each, meaning, men are typically the ones pursuing interactions with women (the hunter mode), while women, on the other hand, are usually on the receiving end of advances from men.She’s busy She’s just not that into you She no longer has a subscription She’s seeing a bunch of other people She got serious with someone else She’s out of town on business/vacation She’s got personal issues – health, family, etc.But ultimately, it doesn’t matter why a person disappears.

So I met him for dinner and then we met some of his friends for a drink afterward.

This approach is intended to discourage the guy if he’s taking approach number 1 above.

From my response to her: I know that sounds strange but by doing so you’re making it clear that you’re actively interested in meeting other people online (and hopefully you are! If he is playing some game and he sees your new photo, this might cause him cut it out.

Plus, new photos are always a good thing so no harm even if it doesn’t work.

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Again, my thought here is if he’s playing some game let’s get him to stop.What’s the deal with engaging in e-mail conversation with women, things are going fine, and then out of nowhere, for no reason, they fall off the face of the earth?I really don’t get that and think that women do it much more than men. ======================================================= Tons of thoughts, Matt. First, a related story: I have a client who is a super-busy career woman in her early 40’s who has a thousand things on her plate.This reader wrote me back shortly after I had given my advice and…he was just busy!

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