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“We see here a wide technological variety, and there is no doubt that researching these finds in-depth will contribute greatly to the understanding of the lifestyle and human behavior during the period in which Homo Erectus inhabited our area.” The discovery is the latest fascinating prehistoric find in Israel.

In 2016, experts found the remains of 780,000-year-old edible plants, shedding light on the diet of early humans.

Experts from the Israel Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University have been excavating the site at Jaljulia in Central Israel in recent months, unearthing hundreds of flint hand axes.

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Israel also has a system of kibbutzim singular: However it very heavily implies that you are Muslim, and to me that is a lost cause. Internet sensation, “Sweet Brown” calls Oklahoma City her home, famous for her saying “ain’t nobody got time for that! Oklahoma City was named the manliest city in the U. Visitors regularly report hearing the cry of a baby and seeing the apparition of a nude woman in the hotels hallways. Rocktown climbing gym is one of the most unique in the nation, with a 90 foot wall inside of a grain elevator. Famous for being a switch hitter, the statue of him in his hometown, Commerce, Okla. That’s the equivalent of 250 of the 60-watt bulbs that can likely be found around your house. The giant toothbrush and toothpaste at 3616 NW 50th street is advertising for a local dentist. The milk bottle on top of milk bottle grocery is actually rented separately from the building underneath it, with the logo and paint on the sheet metal bottle changing throughout the years. 14-time all-star, Johnny Bench first saw the light of day in Oklahoma City. Katie Francis broke the national record of sales at 18,100 boxes. This lightning transformed him into the half man/half bison that he is today. After a chain of horrific events, Effie took her own life and the life of her child by jumping off the top floor. Thank Sara Lee Bakery in Oklahoma City for the widespread use of those. With around 70,000,000 albums sold, Garth Brooks got his musical start in Yukon, Okla. Known by some as the “father of the electric guitar,” Charlie Christian is from Oklahoma City and even has a street named after him in Bricktown. Hungry Oklahoma City residents can get fried lamb testicles known as “lamb fries” at Cattleman’s Steakhouse. Even though baseball legend, Mickey Mantle, isn’t from Oklahoma City, there’s a statue of him in Bricktown. Wild West fans can see John Wayne’s personal firearm collection at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. “Even sweeter after dark,” “America’s drive-in” Sonic has it’s company headquarters in Bricktown. In 2008, Oklahoma City was named the most recession proof city in America by “Forbes,” this is coming a long way from the oil crashes of the 1980s, when during this time Oklahoma City had one of the worst job and housing markets in the country. The bulb inside of the Dome Theater at the Science Museum runs at 15,000 watts.Israel's population in was 5, The government founded the magazine Ariel to promote literary endeavors.