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05-Apr-2017 23:03

PC is successful in running Liveupdate scan manually and weekly as scheduled. "That's not thunder, I just kick hard." Jun Jun BK hey guys i have the same problem: when updates the virus definition files everything seems completely normal.After updating, the virus definition file date does not change.And new Vulnerability Protection blocks security holes in your PC’s operating system, applications, browsers, and browser plug-ins to prevent hackers from exploiting them.I have a Symantec Corporate Edition 10.01 since 2006 and the definitions stopped updating the first week of July 2013.I know these corporate editions never stop giving updates like defender.On the PC I am talking about only has this on as malware protection so other malware software is conflicting with it .The improved Norton Protection System features multi-layered protection technologies that work together to proactively block attacks and detect and remove threats before they can harm your PC.Intrusion Protection defends your PC from web-based attacks so y Enter your state hereou can surf with confidence.

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As it is now the error happens, Update states that it failed and will keep trying to install it later which will always fail.I got Norton on the phone and he could hardly speak.Norton did what it should when installed- it properly turned off Defender and every indication is that is off.There is no reason to install definition updates when there is other active AV software and Defender is off.

Why can't Microsoft supply a permanent way of "fixing" this issue??? I don't and I don't need my computer constantly trying to install updates that will fail each time.As I said I have dealt with 2 support engineers and 1 supervisor and all they have done after hours of trying to "fix" the problem is get the failed definition to install insisting that the problem is now fixed- they turn Norton off or uninstall it, turn Defender on, install the definitions then turn Defender back off and Norton back on or make me reinstall it.One engineer went so far as to say the problem is because Norton Security is *NOT* compatible with Windows 10 and went even further to say that because I am using it I now have viruses and corrupt files.I pushed back and he started backing down by suggesting it was his opinion that Norton doesn't work.

Symantec Endpoint Protection LiveUpdate Troubleshooting. Virus definitions are not updating on the Symantec. clients are not getting definition updates;… continue reading »

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The Norton Update Center is now downloading a small, secure program called "AutoDetectPkg.exe". Click here if your download does not start automatically.… continue reading »

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