Nginx stalled cache updating

18-Oct-2017 16:57

I’ll loosely define the response delivery time as the elapsed time between the generation of the app server’s response, and its delivery to the user (or to the CDN edge node).

Before diving into details, let’s consider where and why optimizations are likely to make a meaningful difference for a web app that delivers rich content.In the end, a single application server isn’t enough for busy apps.As requests start to queue up, processing latency becomes a major part of your measured response time.While this guide mostly discusses browsers and web apps, the same concept can be leveraged by mobile app developers.

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Beyond that, NGINX supports HTTP/2 as of version 1.9.5.But if responses from the backend app server don’t fit into these buffers, the response is written to a temporary file.For cacheable content, this is less of an issue because you’ve probably configured your cache to live on the reverse proxy’s filesystem.Scripting and database query optimizations are low hanging fruit, but application design optimizations will likely take you further.

Bugfix worker processes may got caught in an endless loop during reconfiguration, if a caching was used; the bug had appeared in 0.8.48. Thanks to Maxim Dounin. * Bugfix "stalled cache updating" alert. Thanks to Maxim Dounin. Changes with nginx 1.0.4 * Change now regular expressions case sensitivity.… continue reading »

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Jan 30, 2013. Who would not want to have a fast service? No matter how good your web service is, if it takes 5 seconds to load a page, people will dislike using it. Even search engines dislike slow servers and decrease their ranking. Faster is always better. In our article a few months ago we asked what is the fastest web.… continue reading »

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