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24-Jul-2017 11:51

In a new interview with Buzz Feed, the star of the upcoming series admits there were “dozens of influencing factors.” But the final straw came when her daughter Sofia, 9, approached the age when auditing – a process that involves a series of probing questions – became required for acclimation into the church.

“In my house, it’s family first – but I was spending most of my time at the church,” she says.

In a time when the record-buying public was rewarding craftsmen, Mitchell seemed to be steadfastly carrying the torch for art.

Her sales suffered, but this direction was leading to a historic juncture in her career.

When I told this story to Joni Mitchell later, I could see the disappointment flicker across her face for an instant. You can stay the same and protect the formula that gave you your initial success.

"It's got good songs on it, but it's kind of like jazz." They bought a Cheap Trick album.

“It was so crazy to me because you can’t get counseling the next day at the church if you’ve had a drink, so most Scientologists don’t drink.” Another woman in her life who has offered guidance and support since she renounced the church is best friend Jennifer Lopez.

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There’s no going to dinner with friends and having a glass of wine – I never did that in my adult life,” she says.

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