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If some sentences and paragraphs seem to be "just poked in," it was my doing.The recording of history is something that cannot be delayed.The Hinton cattle bore his brand "FH" which had been registered in 1855.The ownership apparently didn't come outright in 1860.Five of the 'Senior Citizens" who contributed earlier to this project have since passed away. Some families may have moved away, but left behind their mark on this community.The story of Carlsbad is the fruition of a pioneer's dream that of establishing a thriving town site on undeveloped, plain land, having it mature into an urban community where families take great pride in generations of loved ones becoming educated, marrying and carrying on the family line on into line clay of formal city incorporation. The major intermingling of the human with the plans, progress, failures and stalemates of the area has naturally brought into the history of Carlsbad the human emotional (characteristics of hope for bigger things, joy over successes and heartbreak over Failures.The soldiers, though, were not in sympathy with the saintly dub.They referred to the lagoon as "Agua Hedionda (stinking water), which has persisted to the present.

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Whether he saw it or smelled it is left to the speculation those of us who follow.

On time downgrade or in Inns, Carlsbad tightened its belt, rolled up its sleeves and primed itself for new emergence.

But when we speak of Carlsbad in these terms, we actually speak of her people and her "people" reach back to the dim past when a Spanish priest first viewed these lands and called it "San Simeon Lipmaca."It was on July 17, 1769, that the priest, Father Juan Crespi of the Portola Crespi Expedition, caught his first glimpse the valley. Crespi at the time was ministering to the spiritual needs of the military men and Indians on this expedition that sought Monterey Bay on a northward trek out of San Diego.

Pio and his brother Andres came into full property rights the ranchos San Onofre and Santa Margarita in 1841 and in 1843 added 20 square miles of Las Flores which, with approval of Governor Flannel Micheltorena, became the great Santa Margarita y Las Flores on which Camp Pendleton is situated today.

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Upon Marron's death in 1853, the lands went to his widow and children.Another attempt at a later time was made to name the lands in the surrounding area Rancho San Francisco." This name appeared in the will of Juan Maria Marron, a retired sea captain, who had been granted the Land in 1842 by Governor Alvarado.His grant was among 29 ranches given in San Diego County to citizens in sympathy with the Mexicans who occupied these lands.Its heritage is Democracy personified, warmly human, and drawn from immigrants and established Americans alike. Regardless of the mood of the moment, the eye was to the future.