Intimidating bullies

12-Apr-2017 14:55

So, why does it even matter that there may be a bully at the workplace?

There are costs associated with a bully in this setting, even if the bullying is subtle rather than overt.

Bullies can manipulate others, such as pitting employees against one another so that they attack one another, leaving the bully as the winner.

"I raised my voice because I am having a hard time with the wife right now." They could also "play dumb," trying to excuse certain actions by acting as if they didn't know better, i.e."I didn't know X, Y, or Z was important to you."Why blame yourself when you can blame the victim?It is so much easier to make the victim the scapegoat of some mess up than it is to admit one's own mistakes.However, bullying extends far beyond the playground, and even beyond intimidation due to physical strength or size.