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03-Jun-2017 19:16

GDP growth year was boosted by record agricultural output—gross value addition went up from 0.7 per cent to 4.9 per cent. Like the real risk to the cause of reason is the success with which the US President has marketed illogical arguments as politically acceptable logic.

Prosperity though has eluded farmers—this week, farmers poured milk on the streets of Mumbai and threatened to stop cultivation, there is a national demand for loan waivers and higher prices. The answer is: not “because the opposition” is egging them on. Of course, the flip side is that every other global leader seems reasonable.

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Yet, the authors of the clause caused chaos and confusion in the markets, invited stay orders and triggered protests by states.

Incredibly, the intellectual heft of the accord has left the Trump administration untouched.

Like the truth about climate change, the risks to the planet, the lives of millions at stake, and the obligation to future generations are scarcely an issue in this debate.

Like, in the past 10 days, Trump has called his allies in NATO names, charged them of not paying up, apparently asked them to call him directly on his mobile and coined a new word ‘covfefe’.

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What Trump tweets, and even when he fails to complete a sentence, has acquired the status of appointment viewing of a daily soap. And the danger is that what is passable in the world’s oldest democracy, may become standard operating practice, the exceptionable may become ubiquitous.

This week, Indians were informed that the economy grew at 7.1 per cent in 2016-17—a drop of nearly one per cent from the last fiscal.

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