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24-Jan-2017 19:28

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I’m convinced that honest communication is one of the traits of enduring relationships.How many marriages falter because “we don’t talk anymore?” It’s hard work and it takes practice and the best time to start is when you’re dating.If your date isn’t willing to discuss your concerns, that’s an even bigger red flag.My other suggestion is to use your Personal Support System – those three or four confidantes whose judgement you trust and who have your back.

I’m not an idiot but sometimes we do things when we want to find love and we want someone to love us back. I have talked to many people who’ve said they ignored red flags while they were dating the person who became their spouse. And I agree with Rhoda, we don’t ignore the signs because we’re being stupid.We got married in 2005 after dating for about nine months.There were definitely red flags during that time that I ignored and should not have.In reading her blog I learned she was recently divorced and was blogging about starting over and all her hard work completely renovating the home she’d just bought.