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For this activity, I need someone with the following qualities: (1) must be vegetarian (2) little bit knowledge of English (3) ready to spend ideas with open-minded (4) to be ISKCON devotee is an additional but not required Please write with full details and photo as I strongly support and want to do with a good working partner in Ukraine. Sadhana is important as I tour around the country, camping at National & State parks along the way between stops. I would like my future wife to be single with no kids as well. I love to be active and enjoy life the fullest when I am not teaching or doing research. I love watching football, baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis.Looking for someone who has the time and willing to join me on this fun adventure, helping with driving and expenses. I am an educated, caring, loving and respectful person currently living in Tennessee, USA. I love to sing, listen to music, watch movies and go to nice restaurants in my free time.

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I am looking for a like minded devotee who is practicing or not fully practicing and wishes to develop in a Krishna Conscious relationship. I was born in Vaishnav family and tried to follow Lord Krishna throughout my life. I am seeking a girl for marriage who should be a devotee or trying to be one. Preferably the girl should be from medical field but its not hard and fast. Hare Krishna I am an Initiated Vaishnava, originally from India and closely associated with ISKCON Sydney, Australia for the past few years. Prabhupada Morning Walk at Marine del Rey, July 13, 1974, Los Angeles Prabhupāda: Arcye viṣṇau... The same process as the Mohammedans did, with sword and Koran, we'll have to do that. Similarly, in the Battlefield of Kurukṣetra, Kṛṣṇa was there and His devotee Arjuna was there. If there is need, they can fight under the guidance of Viṣṇu and become victorious. Out of the twenty-six qualifications, one qualification is dakṣa, expert. Kṛṣṇa as all-pervading, the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement also should be all-pervading. So if we approach Krsna through Radharani, through the mercy of Radharani, then it becomes very easy. It brings back my trauma but somehow addicted to it. In the Rāma-Rāvaṇa battle Lord Rāmacandra was there and His devotee Hanumān, Vajrāṅgajī. Therefore in Vrndavana you'll find all the devotees, they're chanting more Radharani's name than Krsna's. moretapta-kancana-gaurangi radhe vrindavanesvari vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye "Radharani is Hari-Priya, very dear to Krsna. I seem to be very acute because i have Post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, autism and ADHD. Ever since i came out of jail i have a weird facination with jails and watch prison documentaries of all kinds that i can find. Devotee/ Vaishnava: -Followers of Vaishnavism are referred to as Vaishnavas (Devotee). Vaishnavas identified by mark on foreheads with a distinct Tilak and Tulsi Mala (Kanthi) arround the neck.

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