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03-Oct-2017 12:19

They say I look attractive on webcam, so it can't be that they think I'm ugly.Is it just because it's easier to "meet" on webcam since you can sit in the comfort of your own home, as opposed to going to a public place?

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In the vast majority of cases, a cancellation is a blow off, and it will just happen over and over again.

Those who think there'll be more to it than a straight video meet will find out there isn't.

If they act stupid and try it with me then click - end call!

I live in a semi-rural area so I don't find many guys that close to me. Don't ever give them a second chance and certainly don't agree to webcam chats. I think most are hoping you'll get sexual on the cam.

They even cancelled when I was going to their area to meet them though, lol. Video chatting and even just emailing a woman other than the women they are with can be a thrill for a guy that means nothing more than what it with a new female. Many are married, bored, have an SO or otherwise have no intentions of meeting. When I was dating here I made it very clear on here I don't video chat period....On here, I have encountered the occasional guy who will do a video chat but when it comes to an in-person meet, they cancel a few or even a couple of hours beforehand.Sometimes I even give them another chance and they cancel again.If you are here to meet someone rather than have a typing or video chat then delete and ignore them if:1. Have all sorts of reasons and excuses why they cannot meet. Either meet me and take the chance or move onto someone else that lets you waste their time.