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'Our very special @theprojecttv guest is about to arrive... While some suggested Oprah Winfrey, the other top contenders were Celine Dion, who is set to tour Australia in July, Barack Obama and Meghan Markle. The Project host hinted she was heading to South Africa with airport snap...The former Today show star also teased fans on Thursday night, when she posted a picture of herself at the airport. before revealing she actually jetted off to the United States'Right now heading somewhere on this board for a VERY special interview for @theprojecttv - can you guess where? Several flights to Johannesburg were seen on the departure board behind her.Then took me into the office for some weird line of questioning. This page is designed to provide useful advice and general information.

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Lisa took to her Instagram story on Friday to share a short clip of the neon-drenched Las Vegas Strip. After fans speculated that Lisa Wilkinson was heading to the South African jungle for a 'special' I'm A Celebrity... interview, the Project host popped up in Las Vegas, sharing a snap to her Instagram Story of the famous Strip Taken in a luxuriously appointed hotel room, the interview's location was a far cry from the greenery of the South African jungle. The snap caused her legions of followers to offer their thoughts of who it could be.

Auto Mining can be done by holding your mouse then either pressing the 'ESC' key to open the ROBLOX menu or pressing '/' to open the chat.

The primary use of Auto Mining is to dig down while being able to minimize the ROBLOX window, then you can do something else while you're automatically mining to your desired depth.

The Personal Tunnel is purchased with 300 u C (Unobtainium Crystal, from Unobtainium or purchased with R$).

We do not recommend buying it, even if you achieved the u C from ingame.Strip Mining is the most efficient method for finding rare ore, such as Illuminunium and Opal, it involves mining horizontally on a single layer only, it allows for the max amounts of ore to spawn in a radius.You can rent your own private server from ROBLOX for 100 R$ per month (Robux).Fostering a professional and respectful workplace is a top priority for ESPN and we always encourage people to report any issues.” Sterger shared another experience from 2008, in which the same ESPNer invited her to Bristol, Conn., to interview for a potential job opportunity. When I asked for more details about the job, everyone I spoke to were super vague and nondescript about what they were looking for. When Sterger was informed her car for the trip home had been canceled, she was invited to hitch a ride with the employee, who then discussed the “numerous girls” he was hooking up with, implying that “he was helping their careers.” Despite telling the employee she was in a relationship, he wouldn’t budge. “Some of the women that have spoken out against Barstool there are now some of the biggest and loudest champions of this movement of honest and Women standing up for ourselves. “It was just as easy to support me back then as it is to back these victims today.” After Sterger came forward, some Barstool supporters suggested she was likening ESPN to Barstool, despite not having knowledge about Barstool’s inner workings. “Im addressing the hypocrisy of ESPN ending their relationship w/ @barstoolsports based on who ESPN employs.” Sterger’s accounts come not only in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s ongoing sexual harassment allegations, but following “Sunday Night Countdown” host Sam Ponder’s online tirade against Barstool ahead of the short-lived show’s premiere.