Giulietta cam

06-Aug-2017 22:17

Stylish inside and out making you feel special every time you get behind the wheel.

Nice clean dash design with solid, hard wearing plastics, leathers and other materials throughout.

Once you're on the move there's as much go as you'd need, although town driving does require more downshifts than is ideal.

Overall performance off the line is made up for with stellar economy and the car is still great fun to drive on the go. Hugely impressive fuel economy even in town, tax next to nothing, cheap insurance and our main dealer provided heavily discounted servicing. Lots of people ask me about the car due to the badges (cloverleaf).

If you have the money look for a BMC air filter with a custom exhaust set to a slightly louder setting. It mimics a Golf in size rather than a Fiesta or Polo.

Make sure get the HID lights mine hasn't and regret my decision. Check out in gear acceleration times you will be impressed at what it beats. The interior is stylish and modern to say the least. It is b****y fast for a diesel and I've owned a VW Golf GT TDI. Auto headlights, rain sensor wipers, mp3/USB/bluetooth system all come as standard. Over the past 2.5 years it's been amazing, such a nice car to drive with heavier pedals and heavier steering than most.

If you're after a driver's car then don't hesitate, my heart is what swayed me and my heart was right!

People report issues with Fiat based engine EGR valves but I bet they don't do the mileage that it needs. Do you follow a crowd or is there something different about yourself. If anyone is buying a new car wait until 2017-18 there is a new version is on the horizon. I have had no issues with this car what so ever, but you won't be digging holes in your pocket if it does, Alfa aren't as expensive as they used to be.

It's been in and out of the garage a few times for headlight faults, driver's side kept not working intermittently (bi-xenon) £140 to have the bulb changed as it's made ridiculously that my local garage couldnt do it!