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“Our goal is, and will always be, to increase visibility among LGBTQ women’s experiences,” Tucker says.Marshall adds that by increasing visibility, they hope politicians and even marketing companies take notice and see that LGBTQ women have a place at the table. “For years the only options were on the West Coast or East Coast, which is pricey and difficult to get to for Texas women,” Ayala says.“We now have our own space on the third coast with easy access from San Antonio and surrounding cities.” The group continues to host events in Austin, currently at the bar Sellers Underground, and San Antonio women are welcome to attend.He previously made a brief appearance at the end of the second series.Norris became the first gay man to appear on the show.It attracted women from across the state, including San Antonio.The core group goes by The Wolfpack (which consists of Daly and West, plus Ashley Marshall, Gabby Ayala and Chelsea Tucker) and is gearing up for the second Plezzure Island — this one a four-night event at a beachfront resort in South Padre Island.

“There are so many incredible women in the LGBTQ community who are looking for a space [where] they feel loved and celebrated — we want anyone who comes to our events to feel like they’re leaving with an additional group of friends and support system,” she says.

“With all of the legislation happening in Texas that targets trans women in particular, we are adamant in making sure that they have a space and experience where they can be themselves freely.” The Wolfpack plans to eventually host parties throughout Texas, including San Antonio, and also outside the state.

Yes, their events are a blast — I’ve been to a few myself — but their mission for the community goes beyond parties.

“We saw all of the lesbian bars closing in Austin, and instead of getting pissed off, we realized that maybe the typical model doesn’t work for our community,” Ayala says.

They found that having events once or twice a month was better for community-building than having a bar open nightly.

They formed Wolfpack Productions two years ago with several of their best friends and planned Plezzure Island: the state’s first resort takeover weekend for LGBTQ women.

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