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Many of the drawings use verbal puns (sometimes spanning multiple languages), visual puns, or both.Such play with words and symbols engaged his imagination for the rest of his life.This painting was identified as a self-portrait by the artist.Duchamp's primary concern in this painting is the depiction of two movements; that of the train in which there is a young man smoking, and that of the lurching figure itself.The origin of the name comes from a now-illegal advertising practice in which a store would a customer into their store with an advertisement featuring a product selling for a reduced price, but when the customer got there they would find out that they were "all out" of the advertised product...but the store would be happy to sell a similar product for just a few dollars more, thus performing the .Duchamp's early art works align with Post-Impressionist styles.

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A type of joke where a character leads the audience or other characters into thinking he or she is going to say or do something, but says or does something unexpected.

When he was later asked about what had influenced him at the time, Duchamp cited the work of Symbolist painter Odilon Redon, whose approach to art was not outwardly anti-academic, but quietly individual.

Marcel Duchamp, Nude (Study), Sad Young Man on a Train (Nu [esquisse], jeune homme triste dans un train), 1911–12, oil on cardboard mounted on Masonite, 100 x 73 cm (39 3/8 × 28 3/4 in), Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.

Two other students in his class also became well-known artists and lasting friends: Robert Antoine Pinchon and Pierre Dumont.

For the next eight years, he was locked into an educational regime which focused on intellectual development.

By World War I, he had rejected the work of many of his fellow artists (like Henri Matisse) as "retinal" art, intended only to please the eye.