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His eyes, while looking forward, were not truly looking into the deep abyss. Just where he was peering into on a daily basis, Thor did not know.

He could vaguely recall a time in his younger, more curious years trying to wheedle Heimdall into telling him what he saw. There was a brief pause before the Gatekeeper spoke.

When you are a prince of a high realm, things like normalcy and consistency were not a privilege, but a rare gift. The green, black, and gold gilded door he stood before remained unopened.But truly, Loki had never felt such rapture from truly breathing… And in a single puff of breath, he said, “The truth.” To be continued… ~S~ This comes with a big shout out to my co-author slash beta, Potions Chaos! Thank you so much for helping me edit and better this pesky filler chapter! Again, it's more a filler than anything, but it's necessary.Next chapter, we'll get to see more interactions between characters, and a mysterious travel of the realms known as, The Sky Traveler.Instead, he pushed forward, until he had reached his destination. The man tilted his head to look up at Laufey, his hood slightly obscured – his eyes were green. Realization dawned on Laufey, and a cold smirk stretched his blue lips.

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