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13-Nov-2017 17:45

There are much smarter ways to go about it without nuking your retirement savings and getting your tail blown off with taxes.

Unfortunately, no matter what kind of financial hoops you’re poised to jump through, wrestling your balance to zero will involve old-fashioned belt-tightening — there are no hacks here.

“Some people mess that up and end up with a missed payment,” Beverly cautioned.

“Keep paying until you’re sure that your other two accounts are both at zero.” And, of course, there’s a caveat.

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(She has now paid off two of the four cards entirely, although they’re still open.) She recently got a great new job and is now able to cover her living expenses, but her debt seems insurmountable, particularly with the interest rates she’s up against — one card has an APR of 16.9 percent with a ,500 balance, and the other’s is 19.49 percent and ,000.

As for your situation, Jackie, Beverly advised getting something known as a balance-transfer card, which is a credit card with no APR (or interest, as you probably know) for a limited period of time.

Since your credit is great (bravo), there’s a strong chance you can get a big enough limit on this card to hold the full ten-grand balance from your other cards.

Now she writes books and leads workshops on the subject.

She’s sort of like the Tony Robbins of debt counseling, only with more hard numbers and a warm southern accent.YOU choose your online username, determine how much to share in your profile, and whether to make it discreet (viewable by only those you allow). All this is available to you now with no charge ever. You can set up the transfer online (just call a customer-service rep if you get mired in jargon).

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