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02-Feb-2018 06:10

The potential for hypersensitivity must be considered in the clinical evaluation of patients who experience immediate hypersensitivity reactions while receiving Pro Air Respiclick.Pro Air Respiclick, like all sympathomimetic amines, should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disorders, especially coronary insufficiency, cardiac arrhythmias, and hypertension; in patients with convulsive disorders, hyperthyroidism, or diabetes mellitus; and in patients who are unusually responsive to sympathomimetic amines.Pro Air Respiclick (albuterol sulfate) inhalation powder is indicated for the treatment or prevention of bronchospasm in patients 4 years of age and older with reversible obstructive airway disease.Pro Air Respiclick is indicated for the prevention of exercise-induced bronchospasm in patients 4 years of age and older.placebo) were back pain, pain, gastroenteritis viral, sinus headache, and urinary tract infection.

Use of Pro Air Respiclick is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to albuterol and/or severe hypersensitivity to milk proteins.

Rare cases of hypersensitivity reactions, including urticaria, angioedema, and rash have been reported after the use of albuterol sulfate.

There have been reports of anaphylactic reactions in patients using inhalation therapies containing lactose .

When the patient receives the inhaler, the number 200 will be displayed.

The dose counter will count down each time the inhaler is actuated.Administer Pro Air Respiclick by oral inhalation only.: The Pro Air Respiclick inhaler has a dose counter attached to the actuator.As with other beta-agonists, Pro Air Respiclick may produce significant hypokalemia in some patients, possibly through intracellular shunting, which has the potential to produce adverse cardiovascular effects.