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The City of David website implies that what the site has labeled the “Spring Citadel” is in fact the historical “Fortress of Zion” taken by King David from the Jebusite king, as described in the book of II Samuel, Chapter 5.Likewise, it is the location described in I Kings , when the prophet Natan and the priest Zadok anoint King Solomon “on the Gihon.” Most scholars place the rule of King David at c. The new Weizmann study’s radiocarbon dating, however, dates the construction of the Spring Citadel to after c. It could not have been in existence when King David reportedly captured it, meaning it is probably not the biblical Fortress of Zion.Discussions on the foundation and borders of Israelite-era Jerusalem are often rife with accusations of Jewish nationalism trumping evidential facts.For those who take the Hebrew Bible literally, the Weizmann study’s findings could be difficult to reconcile with the text.

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"And they asked if she was coming to Orlando, and I said, 'Well I don't think she's coming down there but she might come to the game in New York.' "And they released that but not when I said she already had a boyfriend. But St Ledger has finally put an end to all the rumours.Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, St Ledger said: "I was with my girlfriend and we knew a few people there and went to Taylor Swift's aftershow for her New Year's Eve bash. We got chatting for five minutes and she was really down to earth - and that was it." He added: "I did an interview with an Irish TV station and they were asking me about Taylor Swift and let's be realistic here....According to a Weizmann Institute press release, the team can produce “highly accurate results on something as small as a seed.” “Getting one’s hands dirty is all part of building a reliable chronology,” said Boaretto.