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Conclusions And Understanding It is the learner`s job to draw conclusions for themselves about how the training will be used.

All learners have their own unique perspective, experience, and learning style, and that will affect how they finally understand the training.

Use written words, visuals, audio, live action, practice, etc. If that were not the case, if everyone learned the same way, we could just give everyone a book and be done with it.

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Why should the learner work hard to master this stuff? Information Since most groups of adults have a variety of learning styles, the training information needs to be presented in a variety of ways.

" Here are some thoughts on teaching and learning from the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard.

These are the images of a silver tray marked with "84" in Arabic. It has an elaborate embossed rim with figures and another central figure on horse. I believe that "84" refers to purity degree in zolotnicki system used, beside Russia, also in Iran. Dimension 37X25 cms, weight 660 gr.… continue reading »

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How do People Learn? Don Elkington "How can you say that? How can you even think that?". Return to the Learning Systems Page.… continue reading »

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