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Amazon Video is committed to providing captions to videos offered throughout the service. Captions are required for all titles published in the U. and Amazon Prime titles worldwide, except Japan where Japanese captions are currently unavailable.English captions are required for all content submitted to the U. For titles with no dialogue or extended scenes with no spoken content, add descriptive captions that describe the background or foreground audio elements or use [no audio] before silent scenes.The cruise missile strikes launched from US ships in the Mediterranean have killed six Syrian troops and led to big material losses, according to the Syrian Army, which has described the attack as a "blatant act of aggression".

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Episodic content, in contrast, is a content with multiple parts. Instructional or documentary content could be either type.We email you if a publishing issue occurs and you can track the status of published titles in the Amazon Video Direct website in Your Videos.If you have set a future date for title availability, your video will remain ready, but unavailable in the Amazon Video catalog until the date you specified.If music contains lyrics, caption the lyrics verbatim.

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The lyrics should be introduced with the name of the artist and the title in brackets.

Similar organizations exist worldwide including the BBFC (UK), FSK (Germany), and Eirin (Japan).

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