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Snowber: The real difference between them was about the style of the finishes and the image of the house.

For instance the idea of an open kitchen that would connect to the rest of the house was a common denominator, but the character of the spaces - use of traditional moldings, elaborations of fireplaces, choice of cabinetry - was different. Snowber: Even though we started off with a more transitional design - paneled cabinet doors, etc.

In the rest of the house, like the living room, dining room and front hall, we went even more traditional.

We removed all of the existing trim - all of the crown, base, all of the window treatments, replacing them with heavier and more elaborate trims than were there in the first place.

Snowber: The rooms were segregated with small openings between them.

As with a lot of these older homes, the kitchen was broken off and small.

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A site to post feedback about Match encounters in the DC-metro area. Unfortunately for him (and luckily for her), she accidently left some of her personal belongings in his car during the date, so the next day she called his office to try and arrange a time to get the stuff back. She asked for the guy by name, and when she spoke to "her date", he had no idea who she was. So she sent him the ad, and it turns out that her date was a complete fraud who had appropriated the Hill staffer's name, title, etc. Submit an email to this site, and we'll add the handle to our "watch list" for your feedback. The name, background was right, but the guy just wasn't him. Turns out that issue was planned as a concluding installment of a long-planned 25 issue run. After the series conclusion to the regular POSTAL series, this issue is a one-shot story showing Mark’s fate in the town one year later.

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There are a few of these one-shots planned and Laura will be given the standalone treatment next.

Our mission was to expand it and have it connect to some living spaces, specifically a family room and playroom space.

I am extremely relieved that the hostage situation at the Discovery Channel's headquarters resulted in no one being hurt other than the guy taking hostages.… continue reading »

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