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21-Feb-2018 19:05

Kids just date to date, using it as a social status and not realizing the real purpose.” What we need is a return to the original purpose of dating, therefore I am issuing a call to all parents to assist our youth in taking a more mature approach to finding their spouse.There are few more important tasks that we can undertake as parents.

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Marriage, the ultimate goal in dating with purpose, is a relationship based on a decision to love for better, for worse, in sickness, in health, for richer, for poorer and thus we will not always feel like we love the other person, but because our relationship is not based solely on the way we feel or what the other person can do for us, we are able to work through those dry times.

Our child is looking not only for their future spouse, but a new member of our family, and the mother or father of our grandchildren.

While many of you might be thinking that your youth may not want your help with such a personal part of their life, this is simply not true in our experience.

I propose that dating needs an overhaul, a redirection of sorts back to the goal that each young Christian should be aiming for, the discovery of their vocation. It’s all fun and games, it is a necessary rite of passage, is the normal way to find your spouse and we all did it when we were young and we turned out just fine, right?

Well, I am not much for quoting studies, but currently about 50% of marriages end in divorce, and many couples today are not even opting to enter a marriage.The benefits of Dating with Purpose is that you get to approach potentially the most important relationship of your life with honesty, clarity, respect and maturity.Imagine if you will, a relationship built on friendship where the two people approach each other without ulterior motives.That is a very mature way to approach a relationship, and not something that is seen very often in our society, but it is sorely needed.

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