Dating vintage zippo lighters

07-Jun-2017 09:26

Best known for their art in lighter manufacturing, Dunhill catered to the elite as well as the regular smoker.

For the elite, Dunhill produced thousands of lighters with artistically-crafted enameling by some of the great craftsmen of their time, many of which were adorned with watches and made of precious metals.

C., ( “Smoking was so popular back then that it was a necessity to have lighters, whether they were carried in your pocket or placed on tables in your home,” Weinstein said.

“What seemed to have sparked the interest in collecting came after the advent of butane lighters, which changed the look and functionality of fire-making devices.

“This will likely make vintage novelty lighters more sought after.” Mc Loughlin noted that after the Second World War ended, the sale of lighters was led by the Japanese lighter industry.While there are a lot fewer smokers today than in years past, vintage cigarette lighters still are attracting attention, but now as collectibles.Rich Weinstein, owner of the International Vintage Lighter Exchange in Hendersonville, N.“Lighters with advertising slogans are very sought after by collectors,” Mc Loughlin said.

The History of Zippo Lighter Dating By Chris Sivley. Date coding on the bottom of every Zippo lighters case is the Zippo Manufacturing Company's way of identifying.… continue reading »

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