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This says nothing about either when the particular tree was felled, nor about the date it was used (8).In past times, good quality timber may have been reused (10) and for the archaeologist, it is important to check other records against the new data.From the 1980s, several seminal studies began at the University of Arizona (6), (7) studying the bristlecone pine of California and hohenheim oak in Germany.Thanks to the work of these studies, we now have an 8,600 year chronology for the bristlecone pine and in the region of 12,500 year chronology for the oak.We can date organic archaeological material and create a chronological record against which artefacts can be dated (3).There is much we can learn about the past climate, how freak season-long weather conditions, or periods of climate change have affected tree growth and how it may affect our climate in future.Most importantly, assuming there are no gaps in the record (and even if there are short gaps), it can tell us the precise year that a certain tree ring grew (4).The potential then, even with these two simple sets of data that we may extrapolate from the tree ring data, is enormous.

Wood helps the developing tree to stay strong as it gets older and grows upwards, building new branches and drinking in more sunlight for photosynthesis reproduction.Wood is a solid and strong material as we all know, valued for its longevity and strength.Each season of growth (typically annual but not always, we will examine this problem later) a new ring is set down in the body of the tree. Due to the sweeping and diverse applications of this data, specialists can come from many academic disciplines.

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There are no degrees in dendrochronology because though it is useful across the board, the method itself is fairly limited.

Alder and pine are notorious for occasionally “missing a year” which is confusing enough without the fact that those species also sometimes “double up”, by having two rings in the same growth season (8).

Isochron confidence is well founded, for the assumptions of the dating method appear to be internally verified. The y-intercept of the. T. D. Ford, W. J. Breed, and J. S. Mitchell, "Name and Age of the Upper Precambrian Basalts in the Eastern Grand Canyon," Geological Society of America Bulletin, 83 Jan. 1972 223-226. 4.… continue reading »

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